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What is UltraiQ Online?

Diagnostic ultrasound is finding its way into more and more practises all the time. When using ultrasound for diagnosis, image quality is of great importance. To make sure your ultrasound equipment is (and stays!) fit for the task, you can perform routine quality assurance measurements. These measurements help you identity element dropout and increased noise levels at an early stage. UltraiQ Online is a pay-per-use web app that helps you do these measurements and organizes the results. All you need is a simple uniformity phantom and a few minutes spare time.

How does it work?


*The tolerance is defined by the user.

Meet the standards

There are several (inter)national standards that describe which tests one should do, and how often they should be repeated. Below is an overview of current standards from different regions.

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Image Uniformity
Geometric accuracy
Depth of Penetration
Contrast resolution
Spatial resolution, lateral
Spatial resolution, axial
Spatial resolution, elevational
Physical & Mechanical Inspection
Display performance
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Ultrasound Phantoms

What are phantoms?

Phantoms are tissue-mimicking objects that can be used to measure the image quality of ultrasound systems. The polyurethane-based material ensures a long lifespan.

Why do I need a phantom?

The known characteristics of phantoms make it easier to identify image quality problems. Furthermore, a phantom is a stable entity that can help you monitor the image quality of your ultrasound systems over their entire lifespan. A phantom is required for a complete evaluation of your ultrasound transducer. Without a phantom it is still possible to do a Loss of Elements (image uniformity) test, by holding the transducer in air. Results of an in-air test can be less accurate, compared to doing the same test with a phantom.

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